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I love this game

So I am updating my review because I’ve played for a longer amount of time with other people now & yes the game is MUCH better when you have neighbors. My ONLY problem with this game at this point is the amount of money you all will try to have me spend on this game, it’s ridiculous. it’s the reason my review is updating, but not the amount of stars I give you. & don’t give me that there are several ways to earn Superbucks because there are not. even with all of the wheel of fortunes you offer & doing challenges, that’s 30 SB that is literally up to chance for you to win, or completing & leveling up & getting two SB’s. I’ll spend $5.00 AT MOST on a game, but I refuse to spend any more than that & that still isn’t enough to get me the Superbucks I need. you’re gorging people & it’s out of hand. You can not tell me spending all that money would be worth it, just for me to turn around & have to spend it again on the next challenge.

I used to LOVE this game

However once you advance to a certain level it is nearly impossible to continue without spending your real hard earned money on a game. To evolve buildings you have to buy buildings that you can only get if you spend your real money. Some games, really successful, long lasting games you can spend money to get there faster but you don’t have to spend money just to keep playing. Their hope is by the time you get to where you can do almost nothing without spending money you will be addicted and spend real money. So if you don’t care to play a game that you must spend real money in to advance after you’ve put tons of effort into getting to a high level and developing your city. Do not even bother to download this. I even tried just logging on every day to build up the $10 you can earn in game money each 5 days ( btw most buildings are over $60) but you forget when you aren’t really playing. I gave up. It’s sad. I really enjoyed the game. Developers look at the sheer numbers of people writing almost this exact review. Can’t you take the advice of your players? And for pity sake stop responding with your monotonous reply of there are MANY ways to earn super bucks when there really IS NOT. Wheel of fortune you can spin a few times a day and in hundreds of spins I once ONE TIME won $30 not even enough to by 1/4 of the buildings you require to be purchased to complete quests. You can earn $10 every 5 days but a building is well over $60 most of the time And every quest I have at this point requires a building purchase. Listen to your players. They live your game until they advance to where basically you have to pay real Money to play. You know if you have it where you can spend more money to advance faster. There are people who would do that. That’s how FarmVille does it and they make tons of money. You can have certain fancy buildings that you can only get with real money (but quests do not depend on them) and there are people who would buy them. Like special holiday themed stuff. You don’t have to make it impossible to continue playing without spending money or like all of us that took time to write reviews to try and educate you - people WILL quit playing. I have.

Miss taz

Great game just should have the item u have to buy at a cheaper price

Updates are too large!

Love the game but the updates are too large. Needs to be incremental updates if they are going to be large updates. I do not have WiFi access during the week when the updates are pushed and cannot play until updates are made. Can’t override and continue to play older version until I am able to connect to WiFi. I only have WiFi access on weekends. If updates were a little smaller, normal data could be used. I always get the message that the update is too large. I choose to update anyway and it never starts to update. Only starts when I connect to WiFi. Other games that have large updates will still update using normal data when I choose to update anyway, they just take a little longer. I’ve lost a lot of things in this game because time runs out while I am not able to update. Kind of upsetting when I have paid for cash packages in order to play. Not everyone is able to connect to WiFi for larger updates.

Love it

I love this game and I still playing it from months.

Money bucks

This game is fun until you get to level 44+ then you need money bucks to buy the stores to get certain items to complete tasks, or you need to save up enough to just buy the items you need. Yes you can get the money bucks with daily spins, leveling up, etc. but god knows how long that will take. I’m at level 44 and all I can do it collect coins/stars from my stores/houses until I get 2500+ points which is a lot of waiting a clicking if you ask me. It was fun while it lasted.


I love the game very much! But today mine won’t work it says it needs a update but it won’t do it. Please help! Glenda ID# 1990491

Town Economics

I love this game I’ve been playing for 1year. I would love if the developers would finish and open the Sands, or provide more land to buy. I get sucked into my city for hours building and decorating please keep growing and evolving. P.S. Keep up the GOOD WORK!


I used to LOVE this game. It’s Waaaay EXPENSIVE, I guess that’s how you make some $$. I usually look for a review before I download the game. I took a chance, it’s fun in the beginning, until you have no choice but to purchase. That’s how you lose people to play this game. I don’t want to delete this game, cause I spent so much money (NEVER again). But, I will NOT recommend this game.


I was really enjoying this game. I updated a couple of days ago, and then last night I was prompted to do another. I click on update, and there is no update available. I can’t get into the game because it keeps prompting me to update. I can’t contact support, because the “settings button” that is supposed to be in the top left of my screen that take me to leave a ticket to the support team, doesn’t exist. So since I can’t get any help, I’m probably going to delete the game. I can’t contact support for help, so I’m trying to reach out here. I don’t know whether to leave my ID # here or not. I will wait a day or two to see if this is fixed...if it isn’t....I’m outta here.. Also, it’s too hard to get super bucks, and it takes too many super bucks to do anything. Need an easier way to get more super bucks at one time for people like me who want spend their hard earned money on digital fake money. Whatever happened to FREE gaming?


Still love the game but it sure crashes quite a more land to purchase and I have no room to put anymore buildings,it's quite sad that some buildings cost so much like 900. That's expensive in real life money

Love my Super City!

Thank you for this awesome game! My favorite over all other City/town/ farm games!! Play daily. ❤️


I love Dis game but I wanna kno how do I separate the games on my iPhones they have the same on both


It's getting a lil slow at level 88, not much to do now hmm



Crashes all the time

Kept crashes and reload and super lagging. Need to work on that

Crashes too much!

I have this game on my iPad and it crashes about every five minutes. Tonight, I’ve reloaded the game probably fifteen times. So annoying!!

Booted from my game all the time!

I just love this game too! But it keeps reloading or most times I get booted right out of the just now I was doing the " watch this for 5 lives" and when the snip-it was done, apparently so was I because I got booted from my game. PLEASE PLEASE fix this problem!

I love this game

I was worried it would be the type of game that you would have so many minutes to complete something or lose it or have to start over. That is not the case with this one. You can take as much time as you want building a building and building your city. You are earn stars and you collect items to continue building your city. And you get to interact with other players which I find a lot of fun. I can go in and help them build something faster. I’m loving this game.

Super city

Is a good

Force to buy is very annoy

Very annoy game is not good make you nervous only frustration all the time game is for fun not to make you sick!!

Love it!!!!!!

I am enjoying this game so much. I waited to write a review until I was well into it so that I could write an honest review. The game and all aspects of it is quite fun. Yes, I have spent real cash on the game but it was not a regrettable decision, I know I will be playing this game for quite some time to come so I don’t mind spending a few dollars. But even without spending real money the game can be enjoyed! I only have one problem and that is connecting to Facebook but I’ll get it resolved sooner or later. Thank you everyone involved for developing and keeping the game running as smoothly as possible. Sincerely, AMR

Major time sinker!

And I mean that in a good way. I spend lots of time in this little city. Great job! Please, if possible, make the bridge a real one so cars can travel through. I don’t need the little bit of gold it gives as toll, but I do want the cars not to make s u turn every time it hits the bridge. Thank you!

Fixed my issue with The Game Cheating

UPDATE: I heard from the tech support department again and she finally after 5 different e-mails understood what I had been trying to say to her all along. I got my $90.00 in super bucks back, and an apology for not understanding what I was trying to say. I will continue to play the game cuz the game is fun but I still don’t think that a event should just vanish if you are in the rewards section let a person get what they want then as soon as they go out close it. I have been playing this game for almost a year now and I got my mom into playing it, I NEVER had a problem with the game until just recently I was picking out what I wanted in the Christmas shop that the game had a special on and I went and spent $90.00 in super bucks to purchase a Christmas house in the event and I had just pushed the button to purchase a shop and the section vanished took my super bucks didn’t give me NOTHING so I sent a email to tech support and they are telling me that there is nothing they can do the game event ended on time. I’m not denying that but I was in the middle of a purchase, why make something vanish if you are in the middle of a purchase let it finish then take it away. So I lost my super bucks that I had paid for some and saved up some. The tech support lady tells me that there is nothing they can do I’m just out all my stuff. I’m giving this game a poor review because they don’t help the people playing the game

Reloading a problem....but...

It’s a fun game. Fun way to waste some time.

Good Game

This game grew on me very quickly. I would love to know how ppl get so much energy bcuz mine goes quickly. I guess wen you play it a lot that’s what happens. I guess developers are saying put the game down sometimes. Also what are all the boxes for. Can I sell some for money or even energy?!

Changed rating from a 4 to a 1

I just changed my rating from 4 to a 1 star and would put it at 0 stars if I could. I have been playing quite awhile now. I have spent money to buy super bucks. The events they offer, where you can win usually a special building have become impossible to complete. Most of my 100 non Facebook neighbors have quit playing and almost all of my Facebook neighbors have quit. This current event is to win a drive-in movie building. I have been getting the quest where you have to ask your neighbors for the items you need to collect or you can spend your super bucks to buy them. You can ask once a day each neighbor for 1 item. I have been getting the “ask your neighbors” over and over and over. It can take 2 days to get the items for 1 if the quest where you only get about 4 points. Right now all 3 of my current quests are ask your neighbors and I just got another one! I have posted on the web site about it and they really don’t care. Others are saying the same thing. I think they really don’t want anyone to actually win it. The game is just an aggravation and not fun anymore. To bad because it used to be a good game. Well there are lots of games out there, so I will start looking.

No muestra el mismo progreso que llevo en el Facebook

Tienen que actualizar el juego y sincronizar los avances que uno lleva en el Facebook. Por ejemplo voy en el nivel 58 y en este juego que es el mismo me coloca en el nivel 2 😔así no provoca jugar 👎🏻

Getting Worse

Sorry, but I had to change my rating from 4 stars to 1 star. The game lags very badly, so much so that when you move the screen around the game doesn’t respond and you end up inadvertently tapping on something that costs you energy. Not a real big deal right? Wrong. It’s a big deal when you have very little energy left and it gets wasted on something because the screen doesn’t move because of the lag. The game still crashes periodically, again, due to the lag/memory leak in the game. Everything slows down and after a bit the game crashes.

Love this game!!

I have no issues with this game. Loads properly. This game is super addictive. I do not think that spending a few dollars on game that I play everyday is unreasonable. I’ve spent way more on games for my console. Anyway love this game!!!

Always crashing

This game is fun and addictive. I do, however, have an issue with constant crashing. It will freeze, and that's my sign it's about to crash. Thanks for adding the plot of land to the right of the main screen, but would love to buy the space at bottom and corners of screen.

Beating a dead horse

As others have mentioned, once you get to level 20 ish, you're basically at a stand still on a lot of quests because they ALL require that you purchase a specific building to fulfill the quest, a building that can only be purchased if you have the buck for it (which you basically have to pay real money to get). One or two is fine, but no... almost EVERY building requires it. It's impossible to fulfill unless you plan on spending a lot of real cash. Ridiculous. Don't bother with this game.

Good game

Need energy more give energy

App isn’t loading

With the recent update, the app just keeps crashing and I haven’t been able to load the game for a day. It keeps citing technical difficulties. Update: never received a response back after emailing support, but the bug worked itself out. 2nd Update after developer response: I contacted your support through that link two weeks ago and never heard anything.... But thank you for nothing.


I have been wanting to play this app for months now. I love city building games however it won't load all the way. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it's doing the same thing. It looks like a lot of fun and judging by the comments it's worth a try. Please update so I can play!!!


I love the game. I play everyday but lately the game will not load! When it does look the app closes on its own. I am just so frustrated with the app... how can I get this fixed!

Christmas building

First off the game is great, I don't mind spending money on it. Now with that being said there was a Christmas bonus quest where you had to obtain 300 presents to unlock it. I was around 270/300 when all of the sudden one whole day or 24hrs disappeared off of the timer. I had 1day 10hours left on the timer, all if the sudden a few hours later there were only 6 hours left. WTH. And take the ticket off of the wheel as a prize, it's already painful enough waiting for the dumb thing to spin for ten minutes each time, I think you guys intentionally make it painful so that no one spins it, well at least I don't. The solution would be to take the ticket as a prize off of the wheel and remove the spinning animation or at least allow it to be skipped/stopped. You also need a coin/goods conversion, either exchange one for the other or turn them in for super bucks. Overall the game is great, it looks wonderful and is a great way to pass some downtime.

Great game but it is ruined pretty fast

I started this game and I loved it. It is a great game but I have never seen a game where you can not play or do tasks without spending your own money. Now I don’t mind spending money on my games and I do a lot but when players can’t complete tasks or participate in special occasions like Christmas tasks because you don’t have something that you need and can not get it unless you pay real money. I have spent about 50 bucks of real money and still do not have what I need to participate. Also the tasks you have to complete you have no way of getting things you need without neighbors sending you. Again that's fine but when 4 out of 5 tasks you need to complete requires neighbors assistance and they can only help u one time a day there is no way to complete the task unless you spend your real money. I guess all that matters to these developers is real MONEY. The Christmas task is impossible to complete without spending a bunch of your own money. I have NEVER played a game that was this greedy and it's a shame because it's a fun game but they quickly remove all the fun out of it. I spend about 40 bucks a week in township but it is because I choose to there is not one thing that I spend money on that you could do without real money just would take more time. If u don't want to spend money don't waste your time downloading this game. They should be ashamed if how they have this game set up and it will come back to bite them. I know I won't play anymore and they lost someone who would spend real money but on my terms not because you make me. Christmas is the giving season and they could not even bring their self to do a Christmas task that you don't have to pay money to complete. Shame on you.

I love this game but....

Update: So I got the problem fixed with the game loading, and Thankyou for the response on how to fix it. Now, can you please fix the issue of the game crashing. It has crashed on me 6 times within the last 10 mins! It's so annoying! It crashes all the time on me but never this bad! It's gotten way worse! I loved playing this game but there is a lot of glitches. Ever since I downloaded the latest update, my game will not load at all! I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, I've shut my device on and back on, I've freed space on my device and nothing!! Really makes me mad because this was one of my favorite games!!!

Not satisfied at all

I keep getting kicked out of the game. It would be fun if I could actually play it.


This game was a 5 star...till the newest update. Now i can’t play it anymore, game refuses to load, just error messages and then loops back. Tried all troubleshoot tips. Update! Game has been fixed and now has a 5 star rating from me!!!! Great game fun to play doesn’t require spending money to advance

Updating my review

Christmas update looks nice and there is plenty to gain out of playing a lot but the wheel of fortune is locked behind a paywall for me. I have 2 missions that both require me to buy a business that costs over 100 super bucks. Coincidentally they have a sale on superbucks going on right now... Either way this is still an amazing game!! I would recommend it to anyone just know that it can cost some money if you choose to!! Download it now!!

Best city sim on mobile

This game is amazing, I feel like the prices and quests are reasonable and the amount of time it takes to do things doesn’t take too long! My only issues are there should be ways to generate energy, maybe a power plant that lets off so much energy or something of that sort because I find myself running out pretty quickly! Also, I would love the addition of parking lots to place in my city. Overall though, awesome game and the best mobile city sim out there!

Nice but

Nice game but keep crushing. Tired of reopening again and again


Forces you to spend money on super bucks. Yes, there are many ways to earn super bucks, but not nearly enough to buy the buildings needed to complete quests. Played for awhile, but I’m over spending real money. Bye Felicia!


When I downloaded this game a few months ago, it became my favorite game almost immediately. But as time went on and my level grew higher, progress became slower and slower because, Mr DEVELOPER, I WILL NOT invest my hard-earned money into a bunch of icons that I will one day get tired of playing. This game is digging deeper and deeper into our pockets as we level up. And I’ve read your (the developers) comments about how its more amusing and challenging this way. Well, Mr developer, the only one amused here is you!! I do not find it amusing to have to spend my real greenbacks for your play money. BUT I can see how, every time someone spends their real cash for your play money, that it amuses you. I bet your laughing all the way to the bank!! Just like some of the other fed-up players, I too have a growing list of quitters. I’m going to join them. This game could be a fun game if you would just get your hands out of our pockets. And to add to the aggravation, you make us watch two videos before we can ask our friends for energy? AND now we can’t even quickly click through the energy in our inventory. I don’t have the patients for this game anymore. So I’m removing your hand from my pocket, and you can laugh at some other poor unsuspecting victim.


The game is fun, but seriously why can’t you buy more land, esp parts you can see?


I tried to update this game is constantly told that it can be downloaded because I don’t have enough space. I have deleted almost all of my apps .i get the same pop up. I going to delete this game. And it’s a pity. Another thing is the real cash that you have to spend along with not having enough energy to take of all of the city.This is crazy.

Needs to be fixed

I play all the time. The new update that was done on 12/13/17 is NOT working!! The game will not load at all!! I reached out to game support 12/13/17. It is now 12/16/17 and I still haven’t heard anything. The game still does not load. I’ve tried every single “tips and tricks” they suggested. Nothing is working. Very frustrating that my pleas seem to fall on deaf ears.

Not bad

The game is fairly decent but would be better if we had different viewing options. The quests keeps the game interesting and gives you more to do than just building a city with no additional features.

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