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Apple update yea!!

FINALLY able to update and play again on my Apple device. Thank you..

Awesome game!

I love this game. It is so very addicting and easy to stay interested in. However, the biggest flaw that has caused me to stop playing, is the fact that there are quests that make you spend the bonus bucks aka real money. I understand there are options to use the bucks but I’m talking about quests you can’t finish unless you’ve bought a business that requires you to purchase it via the bucks. Very disappointing 😕

Love it

Truly enjoy this game. Very addicting. Wish it didn’t take so long for some items to arrive but truly love the game.

Always ask for buying game

I love this game and play everyday. But I have to quit because there too much impossible quests. This is so funny that you keep asking me buy game in every quest in every level !!!

Change it back

It was way better when we had more energy and had to get less experience to level!! How do you make it from needing 300 to needing 8000???? That’s ridiculous when every collection is still only ONE POINT! I’m getting so frustrated I might just find another game. Really unhappy with the update.

Enjoyable but progress can be slow

I’ve reported a few glitches in prior reviews and they always seem to remedied within a few days... thanks developers! Fun game but progress can be slow if you’re not spending money. If you hang in there most things seem to come together, eventually.

Quite fun game. Cool graphics. Smooth gameplay!

The game is quite fun. Lots of stuff to do. I’m actually editing this because you actually get cash someone on the regular if you play often. I feel like the rate of winning cash has increased. I am just stuck in the ‘wanting things now’ mindset and have progressed quite quickly without paying money to this date. Really fun game. Graphics are nice. Very very rare issues with it.

Super city "NOT"

This was a fun game online but on the IPAD it keeps shutting off/quitting it's not my problem cause all my other games work and my unit is new, so until they fix the issues I will only rate as one/1star

Lock Out

I like the game but as of now I am not able to use the app because it says I can't play it until I update it but when I come here to update it it says that its unable to be updated. So for lack of better words I'm kind of locked out of the app. Other than that it's pretty OK it has connection problems and it says I used my super box when I haven't but it's pretty alright.

Super city

I love the game so much already and I just started playing it. So much funnnnn

Let down

I was really enjoying this game and had trouble putting it down until this last update. You made it so it takes even LONGER to get through quests! And we have to use even more energy now so we run out even faster than ever. I have a feeling that the timed quests will be impossible to complete now, even if you never put it down. What were you thinking?! You just ruined my favorite game. Goodbye. )o:

Can’t play won’t load

Firstly love this game, it’s outstandingly done. Haven’t been this caught up in a city build sim in a very long time. But that aside I would have given the game 5 stars. However ever since a day ago. I can not load into the game to play. It stops an says I need to update yet there’s no update An I was playing fine before hand. To lose all those months of progress and everything I’ve paid for Buisness building wise. Jus not cool


It keeps telling me to update the app but it’s updated and so is my phone - i can’t get on there and play , which i do daily - help please! :((((((


Awesome game 🤗

Great game but crashes ALOT.

Really fun and addicting, but like a lot of games, requires you to spend money to progress. You will get stuck from completing tasks, because you need a building that cost premium bucks. The best way around this is to build casinos, log in everyday and you will get one a month. I am slowly able to build those quest completing buildings. Great graphics, hope they make more decorations and stuff to place. Can be difficult to select and rearrange, especially an object placed behind a non movable structure like train depot. Game is Worth getting and playing, recommend. CRASHES way way to frequently though on my iPad 2.


I Love this game 2 I spend all my time here it’s so glorified and peaceful it feels like I’m in the game myself, my other games be sending me notifications to come and play them and I ignore them and keep playing this game I feel so comfortable here , and that music is so beautiful it makes you come back or stay , that music be in my head all the time like the game is calling me to come back it so ADDICTIVE, Now I see what other people be saying about games that they play that is so ADDICTIVE to them when they are telling us to come and join them play there game and when I pay I stay for a while then I deleted the game and start playing my game till something better comes up , then I saw this one on television and I said I got to download that game I love it the minute I saw it , it was a love at first sight for me so Thank you so much for inventing this game And please don’t ever change anything about it.......


I was really enjoying this game. I updated a couple of days ago, and then last night I was prompted to do another. I click on update, and there is no update available. I can’t get into the game because it keeps prompting me to update. I can’t contact support, because the “settings button” that is supposed to be in the top left of my screen that take me to leave a ticket to the support team, doesn’t exist. So since I can’t get any help, I’m probably going to delete the game. I can’t contact support for help, so I’m trying to reach out here. I don’t know whether to leave my ID # here or not. I will wait a day or two to see if this is fixed...if it isn’t....I’m outta here.

Give me an update button so I can keep playing

It tells me to update, but doesn't give me the update option in Apps it just says open

Problem updating

I’m obsessed with this game! I play it religiously. I just spent $13 last night buying 700 super bucks and now today it says I need to update it to the latest version. Everytime I go to my App Store it says it doesn’t need to be updated. So I can’t play!!! Help!!!

11/15/17 update will not load

I cannot download the latest update and I cannot open the game. I hope this gets fixed

Constant internet disruptions!

Very fun game but constant internet disruptions frustrating. Don’t like you are forced to pay for building you get a ticket very four hours and always get trees, plants, etc. should have another options to get merchandise without spending $!

SB confirmation! YES!!

THANK YOU FOR ADDING A CONFIRMATION FOR SBs! You guys read my mind! 😁 I wasted 20 SBs last week by accidentally hitting the button on the club and football games! WAY TO GO! 🤙🏾

Great game but....

Every challenge that requires visiting neighbors cannot be met unless we purchase the dollars. For some strange reason once we visit our neighbors the the game freezes on the neighbors page and we cannot complete the challenge. I have to reboot my iPad to get off my neighbors page. This continues until I buy the dollars once I buy the dollars I can go back to my neighbors page and I can do things on my neighbors page!!!!??!! This happens every single time there is a challenge that requires me to help my neighbors.

Highway robbery

This game is a rip off. Going to deleted it !!!!

Love buttt..

Love this game but it keeps saying to update when I try to load it, but I’m the App Store it says its up to date. Also, wish there was a way to earn more super bucks! Can’t wait to see what Holiday stuff the game uses!


Game stated that i needed to do the update to continue playing so i uploaded it and now it is broken. No longer able to play. Sooo needs a fix. Bad update. It won’t load the game. Loads to 10% and then continues to say needs update, which was already loaded. Round and round. Rebooted laptop, didn’t help.


My game says I need to update the app to continue playing. All I see is that I have to start purchasing in order to continue playing. I don’t want to be forced to purchase but that’s all I see for “updating”

Super City

Loved this game, but it was costing too much money to continue. Plus I have to keep upgrading storage capacity. Out of storage so I quit the game

Get this update together‼️

I cannot play the game because it requires an update. But everytime I go to install the update I'm rerouted back to the same screen telling me I can't play the game without the update😳


Loved playing but this new “update” is not available in the App Store, and the app won’t let me play without an update.

Update issues

I love this game it made me forget that I was playing other games, I am at level 41 and it asked to be updated to continue playing but when I update it would not allow me to open the game. It would not even update.

Needs iPhone X support

BADLY. it’s so horribly small and ugly. Ratio is SO off. Other games have issues a fix immediately and they were smaller companies. What’s up with you? You’re more concerned with making it harder to play. You replied it would be in the November update so I waited and I opened in anticipation. Nope still awful. I’ve given so many chances to this game and for you not to be prepared for the screen size is not acceptable.

Needs some work

Here’s the thing: you can pay to play this game, OR pay to OWN SimCity and call it a day. The game isn’t really designed for you to play everyday when you get up there in levels, and I’m not spending 30-40 bucks a week on it. Overall, It's an okay game...- addictive and well designed and the layout is nice. The friends thing could use some work, as I don't have fb, and can't connect any other way. The road placement and town edit is tedious, as are the endless quests. There are way too many at a time and you can't do them because you're waiting for more energy. Dumb. I'm on level 65 and I think I'm going to be over this game soon and go back to sim city.

What just happened!?

Ok, so I was almost finished with the first part of building the hydroplane (a time-sensitive quest), and one of the requirements was to collect from a cottage, which takes less than a minute to reload. I was literally almost done, and then the update comes in. That piece was now removed and now I need to collect from the fashion boutique, which take forever and a day to reload. Now I won’t finish before the time expires which means I’ll have to start over and lose the other pieces I’ve collected. How is that fair? Secondly, I was also only 95 experience points away from going up a level. Now with the update, it’s 9500!! WHAAAT!?? Also, my coins went down from half a million to 300000, and yet the cost of purchasing lots remains the same. You don’t do that, I’ve earned those coins!! Finally, everything looks smaller on my phone now. These changes are not cool and so discouraging to continue.

Update hurts

After the most recent update, it’s extremely hard to level up. I appreciate early access to the lvl 55 expansion but I’m level 52 and it usually took around 1000 to level up. Now it’s over 10k. Switched up some of the houses to where they give different rewards in the middle of my quests!! I was truly loving this game and was almost about to buy some super cash to get the pizza place and cinema but if I have to wait even longer now what’s the point? Please go back to the way it was before.

Great game.

What the Heck happen!??!? After today's update, it loads to 100% and it says there! But the game will NOT open! Basically it's useless! FIX it! Paid money! Now it will not open! It loads, but it doesn't open! Will change rating once it's fixed, make it soon! Like now! Or will be deleted. You say ENJOY the Game! How could I? What is it that you guys don't understand? IT DONT OPEN! I can't play it if it doesn't open! Come on now! Come ON FIX IT! Well! After 4days! You should give credit to all who paid! Or extra cash in game! That will be satisfactory. Doods! It’s getting way too expensive! We are not saying not to make money! But that way! Sooner or later your going to loose! It’s fun game. But I️ am deleting it crazy $$$$$$$$$! Well how about the $$$$$$$$!?!? Way too expensive! HELP

Crashing won't load

I really am enjoying the game BUT now it won't load . I can't play if it won't load . I may have to just delete it

Not working on my IPad

I open the app and it tells me I need to update it. So it takes me to the Play store. It says the app is updated and it asks me to open it. So I do, and it says it needs an update. Round and round I go. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times and it says the same thing. It works fine on my Galaxy 8s but not my Apple Mini IPad.

Great game

Very fun game and I love it more different kinds of transportation for animals to sell it and make more money.

Did love this game

I loved this game when I first downloaded it. It was great. Now everything I need uses dollars. I don’t have that many and I’m not using real money for a game. I am about to delete this game because you are turning me off having to use money

Very Fun!!!

I can’t stop playing.

Keeping me busy

So far I like this game a lot. Wondering how far I’ll get into it before I can’t get father due to a lack of friends. But, I’m recommending to friends right now.

It’s a cool game

It creates ways to take your dollars and make you spend up your coins.


Game runs in slo-motion. Not worth playing. Will be deleting app

More Tasks

I love this game, but I’m not on level 71; and need more tasks, I can’t finish the 3 i have because everything costs so much in dollars. I wanna keep playing, and I have purchased dollars once, but can’t afford to keep purchasing just to keep playing game.

Love it

Love the game but really needs to add a chat feature and also a trade feature to get the items u need quicker!!! Also would be even better with a co op to be in a team with other players!!

Fire! Won’t go out!

I love the game, just downloaded it last night but there’s a fire that seems to not go out :/ glitch?! Idk. The summer home has been on fire for 15 minutes!!!! Help!!! Thanks!!!

Overall Great - Needs More Quests @ Higher Levels

Honestly love this game. Definitely has long-term potential but there need to be more quests for the higher levels to keep its more committed players around.

I hate this

I am really staring to hate this app it is just not loading at all!!!!! Update!!! I did send you all a note detailing what was going on and never received a reply

Connection and Reloading

I’m totally addicted to this game. I play constantly! Lately I’ve been getting this WiFi looking icon pop up while I’m playing. The entire game is much slower upon opening as well as the reaction time when collecting from buildings. I don’t particularly like the timed challenges, especially if you’re waiting for friends to send you items to complete them. I don’t want to be forced to spend my bucks or start all over again, so I’m left with an incomplete task just sitting there. I wish there were more decorations that you can spend coins for. I also would like to sell back some houses for coins or exchange businesses for goods.

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