SuperCity: Build a Story App Reviews

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Sync to Facebook version

I downloaded this app thinking it was synced to the Facebook version......but it’s not. Oh well. Would be great if you could sync, but I understand if your developers aren’t as app savvy as Woogas are. I’m deleting the app now.


Enjoy this game very much

Love it!

Great game, cute graphics.


Addictive game. Would recommend to younger children. Something the whole family can play.


Love it


This game is my favorite game. buttttt!!!! it’s hard to get quest. Until when should i beg to my friend!?! It’s better to make myself!!!!!! Don't put me in ur business.

Want you to spend too much super bucks

Love this game but can’t complete tasks because everything is asking for super bucks. This game doesn’t give you enough ways to earn the super bucks. Very frustrating

Best game!

I love this game! The graphics and animation are awesome. Progresses quickly. Challenging special events. Yes you can purchase cash and coin but I have played other games where you could not progress without doing so. Super City gives you the option to splurge or you can manage quite well without doing so. A+.


Love this game....very addicting!


I think this game was totally fantabulous👌🏻 I'm in love with it!!😻


Like the game

Improvements needed

Great game but it’s difficult to redesign the city. It would be helpful to be able to put ALL items into the inventory with one click. Also, only some items can go into the inventory which makes it difficult to redesign the cities. With these improvements, I would give it a 5 star rating

Jose city

I love the game!!! So much that I have my sister playing too! We are both addicted too!! Thanks for the great game.

Best Game....ever!!!!

This game is so addictive. I can’t stop playing! Lots of fun!

Needs update.. no update available.

My app swapped out to the cloud to make space on my iPad. When I reload the app, it just spins in “needs update” I go to the store, no update available. Check “updates” tab. No updates available. Close App. Reload App, still “update required click here”. I am stumped ! I can’t get back in to keep my city running !! Thanks...


This is a game which everybody is confused about, someone says it is so amazing but someone says it is so boring .... what do you say ... i say that this game is semi-great ....... sorry but i have to play this game because it is so semi-great that i wrote a creative writing on it and passed my test so yeah no more words to explain ⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩GO PLAY THE GAME


The game was automatically Updated a day ago! Yet when I try to play, it tells me Update required. This is the second time that this has happened, with this game. It has been two days that I haven’t been able to play the game, and all I get from writing to you, is to go to the App Store and update the game! Well the game is Updated! This is a glitch on your side. Please FIX THIS!!! I really love this game, but this is driving me nuts! I would give more stars, but with this happening I can’t . Fix this problem and I would be willing to give more stars. Thank you.😊

Used to love playing

I loved this game. Sadly I had to delete it. Updates are required constantly and you cannot play without them. I ran out of storage room on my iPad so bye bye. Wtg on ruining it!

Play this game if you like to be frustrated!

(1) The game crashes after helping about 5 people (2) The quest require you to buy buildings that require premium currency (meaning you have to spend real world cash). DEVELOPERS: Please don't waste your time responding that there are chances in the game to win premium currency because I got to level 31 and I only won the largest amount on the spin wheel ONCE! And getting a dollar a day from a building is not cutting it when you can only get that building after 4 weeks of gameplay if you do not choose the doubloon each week instead of the $10. Each premium building costs over $65 and more costing over $150 to $350. This would not be a problem if every other quest did not require you to buy one of these buildings. And don't get me started on the timed quests that show up as "Event quests". Don't even plan on completing these quests unless you plan on spending real world money because there is NO way to complete them without spending premium cash on buildings. You can't even complete the quests if you live in this game! So seriously, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME TELLING ME THAT YOU FEEL THAT IT MAKES THE GAME MORE FUN. If you can't tell, I have already read your responses to people with the same issue. The game is fun for YOU not me! (3) If you want to play a city building game that will actually let you finish quests then I suggest you play Forge of Empires. Yes there are in-app purchases but you will only need them if you are just highly impatient or you just have money to be repetitively throwing into a game. I really wanted to like this game but it was beyond ridiculous. Just charge for the game already and quit trying to hit people over the head with trash cans!

My game

I gave it a 3 because this past week your team was having some issues with it and I missed out on my 2 timed task and had to start over. Also there is now 3 areas that I can’t move my street or sidewalk. This is very frustrating!!


REALLY NEED THIS!!! Love the game but really needs to add a chat feature and also a trade feature to get the items u need quicker!!! Also would be even better with a co op to be in a team with other players!!

Director of this game

I like this game and l interested in playing with it Thanks for you to create this game for people to enjoy with Yours Adnan

Recent updates are irritating

I love this game but recent updates have reset certain setting and it’s really irritating and very rude to the customer which is why I’m giving 1 star. I just noticed the “confirm Starbucks payment” was checked off (something I would have never done) after the most recent update and I have just been spending Starbucks accidentally for the past few days.. I’ve probably wasted 100 not realizing I had this unchecked and they are not cheap. I’ve been wondering where my Starbucks have been going!! Suppppper annoying and rude of the developers!!

Anyone else having reload issues?


Latest update...

I love this game but the latest update has it stuck on a “technical error, please reload” loop and I can no longer get it to load. Tried several times and hope to see a fix soon!


I am constantly being told to reload the game after new update. I can’t play the game.


Ever since this recent update, my game won’t load at all. It gets all the way to 100% and then tells me there’s a technical error and it needs to reload...but it happens every time. I even deleted the app and re-downloaded it thinking that would help, nope. Now I’m concerned that all of my stuff will have been deleted. Which is just frustrating!


What’s going on? Can’t get on this morning,


How do I reload this game without losing everything? The game stated there is a technical issue, reload the game to fix the problem. I don’t want to lose everything. This is very frustrating!!

Reload error frustration

I am also having the reload error. And I can’t send the email to support team because I do not know what my player ID is and can’t look it up because of the reload error. So this is the only place I can make contact to you.

New update

Your new update is not loading it needs to be fixed


I use to love this game and didn’t have any problems but since the update my game won’t load it told me to hit the reload to fix the problems I did that and it’s still not working. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still does not work


Today the game will not run

I just updated the game

I just updated game and it keeps saying the game has technical issues and to reload game. I keep reloading game but then it keeps giving me the message of technical difficulties. It becomes frustrating because I wanna play the game but it doesn’t let me

Good rewards

I’m at level 10 and have not had to buy anything. You earn money and coins quickly

love this game

I enjoy this game, but I had a little glitch but everything is ok now. Hope Anderson

Precision problem!

The game is great and fun to play with. However, there are a few problem that causes me to find the game is somewhat annoying. For example, there are certain area that once I designed the space I could not change my design afterward because the precision is lacking, and mostly its the problem with the pathway. If the pathway is laid next to some building that the game wont allowed to move, then i cannot select the pathway next to it to delete or change the design, its very frustrated. I played it on my ipad pro and use apple pencil and yet still cannot select the pathway to move it please fix this problem! Thanks.

Great game

It started out as a way to wait for energy to be built up in another game. Now the other games have to wait!!!!


I love Dis game but I wanna kno how do I separate the games on my iPhones they have the same on both Why do it keep giving messages to keep updating to continue playing mayor That’s something I don’t like

I used to LOVE this game

However once you advance to a certain level it is nearly impossible to continue without spending your real hard earned money on a game. To evolve buildings you have to buy buildings that you can only get if you spend your real money. Some games, really successful, long lasting games you can spend money to get there faster but you don’t have to spend money just to keep playing. Their hope is by the time you get to where you can do almost nothing without spending money you will be addicted and spend real money. So if you don’t care to play a game that you must spend real money in to advance after you’ve put tons of effort into getting to a high level and developing your city. Do not even bother to download this. I even tried just logging on every day to build up the $10 you can earn in game money each 5 days ( btw most buildings are over $60) but you forget when you aren’t really playing. I gave up. It’s sad. I really enjoyed the game. Developers look at the sheer numbers of people writing almost this exact review. Can’t you take the advice of your players? And for pity sake stop responding with your monotonous reply of there are MANY ways to earn super bucks when there really IS NOT. Wheel of fortune you can spin a few times a day and in hundreds of spins I once ONE TIME won $30 not even enough to by 1/4 of the buildings you require to be purchased to complete quests. You can earn $10 every 5 days but a building is well over $60 most of the time And every quest I have at this point requires a building purchase. Listen to your players. They live your game until they advance to where basically you have to pay real Money to play. You know if you have it where you can spend more money to advance faster. There are people who would do that. That’s how FarmVille does it and they make tons of money. You can have certain fancy buildings that you can only get with real money (but quests do not depend on them) and there are people who would buy them. Like special holiday themed stuff. You don’t have to make it impossible to continue playing without spending money or like all of us that took time to write reviews to try and educate you - people WILL quit playing. I have. Update. As you can see I got the same bogus response as the MANY other with the same complaint. Sure you can save up super bucks but it would take 6 months to save up the high amounts you charge for them. Out of 10 plus tasks I have One I can work on the rest require cash purchase. You can get $10 a week if you play every single day. It would take 17 weeks at that rate to buy one of the buildings I need. Your wheel spinning. What a joke. I’ve played a year and won cash ONCE. $3 big deal. Your game requirements for purchase with keep anyone from being a long to player except those rich enough with real money to waste it on a game. I used to play 6-10 times a day. Now I might sign on once every few days and then I stay on for 5 minutes tops. I plan to just delete it since you could careless about what the players are telling you. Greed is not something you should be proud of -just an FYI.

Too sloooow

I love this game but it works too too slow!!!


I love this game. I too wish there were more decorations and stuff for my town to buy with coins vs super bucks.

Miss taz

Great game just should have the item u have to buy at a cheaper price

Updates are too large!

Love the game but the updates are too large. Needs to be incremental updates if they are going to be large updates. I do not have WiFi access during the week when the updates are pushed and cannot play until updates are made. Can’t override and continue to play older version until I am able to connect to WiFi. I only have WiFi access on weekends. If updates were a little smaller, normal data could be used. I always get the message that the update is too large. I choose to update anyway and it never starts to update. Only starts when I connect to WiFi. Other games that have large updates will still update using normal data when I choose to update anyway, they just take a little longer. I’ve lost a lot of things in this game because time runs out while I am not able to update. Kind of upsetting when I have paid for cash packages in order to play. Not everyone is able to connect to WiFi for larger updates.

Love it

I love this game and I still playing it from months.

Money bucks

This game is fun until you get to level 44+ then you need money bucks to buy the stores to get certain items to complete tasks, or you need to save up enough to just buy the items you need. Yes you can get the money bucks with daily spins, leveling up, etc. but god knows how long that will take. I’m at level 44 and all I can do it collect coins/stars from my stores/houses until I get 2500+ points which is a lot of waiting a clicking if you ask me. It was fun while it lasted.

Town Economics

I love this game I’ve been playing for 1year. I would love if the developers would finish and open the Sands, or provide more land to buy. I get sucked into my city for hours building and decorating please keep growing and evolving. P.S. Keep up the GOOD WORK!


I used to LOVE this game. It’s Waaaay EXPENSIVE, I guess that’s how you make some $$. I usually look for a review before I download the game. I took a chance, it’s fun in the beginning, until you have no choice but to purchase. That’s how you lose people to play this game. I don’t want to delete this game, cause I spent so much money (NEVER again). But, I will NOT recommend this game.


I was really enjoying this game. I updated a couple of days ago, and then last night I was prompted to do another. I click on update, and there is no update available. I can’t get into the game because it keeps prompting me to update. I can’t contact support, because the “settings button” that is supposed to be in the top left of my screen that take me to leave a ticket to the support team, doesn’t exist. So since I can’t get any help, I’m probably going to delete the game. I can’t contact support for help, so I’m trying to reach out here. I don’t know whether to leave my ID # here or not. I will wait a day or two to see if this is fixed...if it isn’t....I’m outta here.. Also, it’s too hard to get super bucks, and it takes too many super bucks to do anything. Need an easier way to get more super bucks at one time for people like me who want spend their hard earned money on digital fake money. Whatever happened to FREE gaming?


Still love the game but it sure crashes quite a more land to purchase and I have no room to put anymore buildings,it's quite sad that some buildings cost so much like 900. That's expensive in real life money

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