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More land in City

When will we be able to buy more land in the city?

CityVille V2 - PLEASE READ.

To all the developers.... My childhood days consisted of games like cityvillle and call of duty haha. This game has brought back some of the memories when I was little. This reminded me of the game CityVille made by Zanga. I really am starting to get a feel for this game but in order for you guys to be great, LISTEN to what people want. I think it was a terrible idea for zanga to remove Cityville out of the market. Even though they lost a bunch of money, IT was a rare game to find. You had so many options to do different types of things. They never really limited where you could expand. I’m coming to tell you guys that you could be the next big company. The game is great in all BUT here are some of the things I’d like to see. -expand past the areas we arent allowed to expand -Interact with car / people on the roads and sidewalks - bring jet skies/ more boats into the game -Put more buildings that we can buy into the game - Put more road/side walk items into the game If you guys do that, you will be gold! Also, this is not the first person to ask about these things. LISTEN TO THE CONSUMERS!!! Hope you guys really think this through and think about these options!

App closes a lot since last update

I love this game but since the last update I've become frustrated daily. If I go to help a friend, it closes...if I try to watch a video, it closes..please fix thank you

Need to update

I have been Playing this game for a few months and I really like it.. I recently did the new update but ever since I did the update every time I try to go to a neighbors city, or watch a video or do anything the game just shuts off on me, it gets kind of annoying. I am writing this because I really do enjoy this game and I hope that this can be resolved. FIX THE BUGS..... I am so tired of the game shutting off on me. I can't even go to neighbors cities.. I have done two updates and it still shuts off.. please fix this issue.. I have put $$ into this game and hate to delete it.

Needs Improvements

I really enjoy playing this game and I would rate it a 5 if the game would stop crashing every 5 to 10 minutes during play. I have removed the game, reinstalled with the newest version; made more space on my iPhone, etc., but it keeps crashing. It has become so annoying that I don't play the game as frequently as I used to, and I would like to continue to play.


Won’t load since the last update, I’ve spent a lot of time and money not happy

Like the game / to hard to get prizes

I would give it a 5 star but you make it to hard to get the prizes unless you play 24/7 or use money. I played Bingo for 13 days and bingo cards were completely full before I went bingo. I didn’t have enough keys to buy hardly anything. I play daily off and on all day. There have been a few of the quest that I didn’t get anything because I ran out of time and missed it by just a little. I didn’t get the slide. There are a few more I can’t think of them now. Sometimes u have 3 quest going at the same time that is to many.

Need more space

I love playing this game. I stop playing it for 6 months because theres no more room or space to put your buildings or decorations. I recently came back to check to see if they have updated it and made more rooms for expansion, but nope. I would have love to buy some of their buildings that they advertise for $9.99, but I can’t buy it because there’s no place to put it. I hope that they can make the city bigger and we can expand more.

Have to reload a lot

Would appreciate if the "bug" could be fixed that causes the user to reload the game so much. Which doesn't fix the problem of being kicked out of the game so many times. Thanks


This game is fun to play. I wish it made it easy to add neighbors. But it’s a good game.




Very fun game to play





love this game

I enjoy this game, but I had a little glitch but everything is ok now. 8/10/2018 still love the game. still having the glitch when I am helping out my neighbors, so I reboot it, but still having fun especially the quest that I do. 8/10/2018 Hope Anderson

Like it

Very addicting!!!

On its way to a great game

It’s gotten better, still needs to work out the freezing that makes you delete and re download, and I like how you get extra money for certain items. Can you set something up where we can sell extra stuff and allow us to buy more production items and PLEASE ALLOW US TO EXPABD OUR LAND thanks


My game keeps glitching on me! It’s stopping mid action whether or not it’s animation or collecting money. Please advise.


The game doesn’t working. I’ve been a week since last time I opened it

Good game

It keeps me on it, love it


I love this game, but i sure wish there was a confirmation button before you buy something using the money. This is the second time I’ve bought something with cash that i did not want or need. Grrr

De-Stress and be stressed

I stumbled upon this game when I was searching for something that was similar to FarmTown. I was bored and feeling depressed and I wanted to take my mind off my grief. I got sucked in. At first, I got annoyed with the numerous quests/challenges and tasks that require superbucks and help from neighbors. I uninstalled, but the graphics and the many things you could do with your city reeled me back in. Soon, I was adding more and more neighbors - I’m close to 200 neighbors - and you get rewarded for helping out your neighbors. •I have my account linked to my Facebook, but the fact that you don’t need Facebook to play this game is a win in my book. Also, you won’t be needing your Facebook friends for this. The game suggests which neighbors to add and there’s also a forum where you can search for neighbors. •the graphics are unbelievable. Sometimes when I’m between quests, I stare at some of the designs and I am amazed by the detail and the intricacies. The visuals sometimes have a calming effect, especially the cherry orchard. •quests/challenges/rewards - there’s a lull in the game sometimes, especially when you finish the quests/challenges immediately and sometimes the rewards are incongruous to the amount of time/superbucks/money spent on quests/challenges. The timed challenges are tricky and could test your patience. •customer service/assistance is top notch. So far, I haven’t experienced numerous crashes and/or critical issues with the game but whatever issue I’ve experienced, the moderators reply swiftly and are willing to assist immediately. Verdict: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ While this game is really fun, I believe there’s still room for improvement such as more land and more decorations. I even understand the developers’ need for users to use superbucks in some purchases because the amount of talent and time they spent on this game needs to be appreciated and compensated, but I do believe balance will retain more players and entice new players to this game.

Super City

Crash crash crash. I love this game and waited for one that is just like it. BUT. It crashes constantly. Even reloaded it but didn't help. Second I can never win the rewards. They are so out of reach. I have played and played most of them and never have won. Make it possible to win and fix the crashing and I will spend money. If this keeps going on I will find another game and spend there.


Still love the game but it sure crashes quite a more land to purchase and I have no room to put anymore buildings,it's quite sad that some buildings cost so much like 900. That's expensive in real life money...why no more land to's been months

I love this game

I was worried it would be the type of game that you would have so many minutes to complete something or lose it or have to start over. That is not the case with this one. You can take as much time as you want building a building and building your city. You are earn stars and you collect items to continue building your city. And you get to interact with other players which I find a lot of fun. I can go in and help them build something faster. I’m loving this game. Update: July 2018. Best customer support ever. They respond immediately amd solve any problem.

Ok Game

This is an ok game it would be better if it didn’t crash all the time every time I go to my friend cities it starts messing up until I have to quit and stop the game. Then I can restart and try to get some more done. It is getting worse every time the I grow my city it crashes faster. I am almost getting ready to quit as it is frustrating to play! Please fix the game!

Addictive game

I really enjoy this game but I’ve lost 100,000 coins and more twice and I don’t think it’s fair that I have to buy money to purchase different items. Hell, as much coins as I have accumulated, I should be able to use my coins instead. What can I do so I don’t loose my coins? Please respond, thanks.

Slow interactions during gameplay

I have been playing this game for 2 months and after level 36 the loading is horrible. I have to click on things multiple times to work and I cannot scan the screen with ease. Please fix the loading.


There should be an option to store all buildings, making it easier to rearrange your town or start from scratch.

Love Game

I love the game but I wish more land in the main city would open up.

Game update

Unfortunate can’t do update uninstalling. Once you get to a point in the game apparently you must do an update to continue on but there is no update so game over.


I love this game but it’s been a while since I’ve played. How can I reset the game to start over?

Very enjoyable especially if you have a lot of money to spend

I really liked this game, however there are ALOT of misspellings in this game. There were quite a few times that I’d spend the daily wheel it would land on something and then switch to something else at the end of the spin which was a bummer since I needed what it originally landed on. It’s hard to earn bucks and I just can’t get over all of the misspellings. I see it as though this is a thriving company can’t you use spell check? I’m not going to give my hard earned money out to just anyone. I feel bad for making that the biggest issue but if you’re that determined to make it a success then I just think you’d put more time into it. Letting misspellings go just says that you don’t care that much. It’s just my quirk and it’s apparently significant to me. The timed quests and the amount of time it takes to fulfill orders doesn’t work for me either.

Best ever!!!

This is the best game ever!!! And i’m almost at level 100. I hope this game never ends!!!

Love it!!!! Great graphics

Love this game so addicting already spent $10 for add ons but it’s so worth it and I’ll be spending more lol

Great game

Lots of variety. Not the typical redundancy.

Long story short

[Update from Wednesday June 27 To the developers: I have played this game to get the things you are speaking of. This is my second time playing this game. Look up my screen name 🙄 My first time I got very far then I had to use super bucks more and more to upgrade. I have screenshots from when I was playing if anyone wants to see what I’m talking about below. I used my super bucks fast because I often have to upgrade. With their NEW response I normally would not argue but I don’t want anyone misled by their response. Please developers stop acting like you are clueless! One of the new games I play I receive at least 12 to 30 diamonds a day and an additional 10 to 300 playing something similar to the house of luck. Also watching videos I still “ luck up “with opportunities to receive the same way up to 300 if I pull a certain card. So far twice since I have been playing I pulled 1 300 diamond card and 10 I do not need the diamonds to upgrade bc I can earn the items needed to upgrade fairly! ] Keep in mind with this comment: the developers (first) response was from the first time I downloaded this game a year ago. Now the responded acting like they don’t know or I don’t know what I’m talking about 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Second time downloading this game... It’s even worse this time. Pretty much every quest requires you to purchase bucks. I spent a lot the first time but I REFUSE to buy super bucks this time. I am now on day 8 and ONLY earned 3 super bucks... so save the “you earn bucks” bc it seems to take forever... especially when you have to pay over a 100 bucks for a production building or if you do not have the building pay 55 bucks to cover that part of the quest. Only to need the 100 buck building again. To the developers: I truly love this game I love the graphics... the whole concept. This is why I came back. I am leaving this game again and may come back in a few months to check. I do not mind buying in app purchases but if it takes me buying every single part of the quest I’ll past. My complaint is it takes so long to earn bucks for things that are important to the whole games experience. Other than that I’m just clicking buildings until my energy runs out... come back a couple hours later doing the same thing. Restarting quests bc I do not have the bucks yet to buy the buildings... Hoping for a better 3rd future experience... see you in a few months... I hope I can change my review.


First of all, the challenges NEVER END! And they even made sure that they heard the neighbors request for the challenges to be more accessible without paying. I never feel like I have to pay but that it’s a possibility with the sales. BUT if I stuck to my challenges I could possibly achieve what I could buy. Also, the characters are visible and have personalities. You can visibly see them living their lives rather than seeing a random blurb giving you their words and emotions. You can tell they work extra hard on details. When there is a fire, you see the actual firefighters. The club looks amazing and fun because you can see dancing. It’s a world that is cared for and only gets better if you care for it and others! I feel like technology can make you pretty selfish and in your own world, but this game positively forces you to interact and help other neighbors and it return you gain energy! And it feels great when others help you too! You actually WANT to have more neighbors and help others! Also, you learn a lot about strategy and seeing others cities gives such inspiration! Check it out! But get ready to be ADDICTED! HAHA ! LOVE YOU SUPERCITY!

Force to make friends online

I was playing this game for some times. They force you to make friend online by asking for specific items that can only obtain by asking from neighbor.


I love this game. The music, the shops. It reloads constantly, which is a big pain. While the game is free, you can only go so far this way. Then it’s time for Super Bucks, which you get a max of 3 once a week IF you log in every day for a week. My game must have a glitch, because they claim you get 10. I have four stationery shops and I’m trying to collect the fragile stickers - only one shop will produce a sticker, and twice now not one of my four shops produced a sticker. The developers are posting here that there’s plenty of opportunities to earn free Super Bucks, but that’s a big lie. I’ve been doing surveys and redeeming them for itunes cards in order to buy Super Bucks. There will also be special missions in order to obtain a certain building, but unless you pay $$$$ to advance in the mission, you will not finish in the time allotted and you won’t get the building. The buildings aren’t even listed in my store to purchase later. I’ll just delete the game pretty soon. I read other reviews which all say pretty much the same thing I’ve said here and it’s obvious the developers aren’t going to change it because right now people are paying. Sad!


Very fun and lovely

I don’t know what to say.

If I had 3 hands, on one hand it is good on another still good but on the third bad. Every little problem tries to gobble me down but I always seem like to escape. But this time I couldn’t escape giving this game 3 or lower. Good game but be wise about what might hit you.


I love this game nothing else to say


Running super slow since last update Link sent isn’t active to send my is number , help!! Want to play! My super city is super slow

Gets boring!

Started out fine but you don’t get enough energy to play the game, there’s never anything new so it gets boring quick. They want you to spend real money constantly, the game is always restarting or freezing.

Game update

I am very upset about the fact that I’ve been playing this game for a long time and have come really far until recently. I recently had to cancel my debit card because it was being used by some unknown person fraudulently. I had a notice saying I had to update the game and when I tried it won’t let me continue because I don’t have a credit/debit card to enter. So because of this I can’t play the game anymore! So why is a supposedly free game not letting me play anymore because I don’t have a debit card to enter? This makes no sense! This is my all time favorite game and would have given an A+ on my review but now I can’t because I can’t even play it anymore!!!!! :(

Love it

I love it

Love the game

I love the game so much but the game makes me spend all my super bucks on stuff that’s frustrated but overall I love love love love love love love love love the game🎮♥♥️💜❤️😁😁😊😊💚💙😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😅😅😅😅😅😅😅☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

Last update, glitch.

I’ve never had an issue with this app at all, however after I did the most recent update I CAN NOT get in. When I click on the link it tells me to go update, when I go to update it tells me I’ve updated. PLEASE, please advise, what do I do??????

Great game

Great fun

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